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Loyalty Scheme

All the Indian Takeaways and Restaurants in Brentwood are vying for your custom and to lure you they are offering 10% discount or a free side dish or main dish or free bottle of wine etc etc.
We wanted to be different! how does the complete meal for FREE sound!!
We wanted to give you a deal that is worth really having…so here is our deal.
“Our commitment to our customers is that we will provide the best food with the best service and when you order and pick up your 6th meal it’s totally free to the average value of the last five orders” - That’s it!
An example of our deal:
Order placed Value £
1st Order 27.00
2nd Order 35.00
3rd Order 15.00
4th Order 20.00
5th Order 30.00
Total value of last five orders 127.00
Average value of last five orders 25.40
So, on the 6th order you can have anything you want from the menu to the value of £25.40
We are delighted to say that this is not a one-time offer; it will be FREE every time you place your 6th sequential order.
Naturally there are a few terms & conditions:

  1. You have to register with us for the Loyalty Scheme (so that we know when your 6th order comes up). Upon registration you will be given a loyalty card which needs to be shown when placing or picking up the food.
  2. This Loyalty Scheme is only valid on collection, so all six orders (the first 5 and the 6th FREE) have to be collected from our takeaway. However, you can place the order via phone, online or in person.
  3. Orders for deliveries will not contribute or form part of the Loyalty Scheme
  4. The 6th meal is free to the average value of the last 5 orders. If the value of the 6th order is greater, the difference is to be paid; if it’s lower, cash cannot be returned to the customer
  5. Unused credit cannot be rolled over
  6. If there is a discrepancy, The Great British Raj Ltd reserves the right to further investigate the matter
  7. In the unfortunate event of a dispute, The Great British Raj Ltd’s decision is final
  8. This offer maybe withdrawn at anytime without prior notice
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