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Achieving our Goals

How we are achieving our first goal

To get the authentic taste the meat is braised with tomatoes, curry leaves, capsicum, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves as well as a rich variety of spices to release the flavour.
Once all the sauce dries up, ground spices are added (turmeric, coriander, cumin and others) and roasted along with the meat/chicken then topped with water and left to simmer until really tender.
For the authentic curries, we use on the bone meat/chicken which release the wonderful flavour that is locked in the bone marrow.
Look out for the Gourmet Authentic Chicken/Lamb Curry on the menu. We really encourage our customers to give this a try.
How we are achieving our second goal

The healthier dishes were created after consulting Claire Ward, a local Professional Nutritional Therapist, who advised us on the ‘Lighter Choices’ range to provide well balanced and nutritional dishes.

Claire met with our staff to further our understanding in particularly the growing need of gluten free products, which oil is best suited to our cooking, how to arrange our kitchen to control particular dietary requirements and general advice and healthier eating

Claire also analysed the rest of the menu to advise us on how to create them more healthily.

You can visit Claire’s website and get in touch at 
How we are achieving our third goal

So that we can provide a great service to you, we provide our staff with ongoing training and continue to monitor our performance. We would appreciate any comments you make and will endeavour to address any issues you may raise.
 How we are achieving our fourth goal

 We could have followed the crowd and given you a discount like everyone else, but we have chosen not to. This is because we really want to give you a deal that is worth SHOUTING about. Our simple loyalty scheme is: Place five orders with us and get the sixth order FREE! CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS
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